This Energy24 system is a self-contained, all-in-one unit that can power a tv, fan, light, dvd, radio, laptop (anything under or up to 300 watt at one time).  Also included with the unit are a panel, 3 LED lights, 16" fan and 15" TV.

LAC Solar Energy24 100W

SKU: LACE24-100
  • Item Specification Quantity
    Solar Panel 100W/18V, with 5M cable 1
    Integrated Box Gel battery 50Ah/12V 1
      Controller LCD with meter and remote 15A/12V 1
      12V DC output 4
      USB output 5V 600mA max 2
    Other LED bulb 3W/12V 3
      Light cable with switch/5M 3
      Multiple USB charger cable 1
      16’’ DC fan 1
      15’’ DC TV 1
      DC 12V TV Receiver 1