• Solar inverter, off-grid, single-phase
  • Power: 3 kW
  • Pure sine wave output
  • 12VDC Nominal Battery System Voltage
  • 3 times surge power
  • Wide frequency 40Hz-80Hz

LAC Solar 3kW 12VDC Inverter

SKU: EP30-3012LV
    • Weight: 26 Kg (29.1 Kg shipped)
    • Width: 42.6 cm 
    • Height: 20.6 cm 
    • Depth: 17.8 cm
  • This inverter features a very economical pure sine wave inverter with an AC 75A charger, with Solar/AC priority configuration.


    When solar charging current is lower than utility, the AC will charge up the batteries, to optimize charging.


    With a pure copper transformer inside, this inverter is suitable for all kinds of home appliance


    • Overload and short circuit protection
    • Built-in pure copper UI transformer solar inverter
    • Smart battery charger designed for optimized battery performance
    • Cold start function
    • Support RS232 monitoring function with free CD
    • Support BTS and AGS function
    • DIP Switch offer customized performance
    • Remote Control Panel (optional)
    • Solar priority function
    • Compatible to generator